Executive - Credit Operations

Job Responsibilities

• Fulfillment of Gold loan process at branch post sales and basic data entry by Marketing executives
• Training for subsequent new hires on Policies & Processes for Gold Loan.
• Ensuring policy adherence and meeting the TAT at branches.
• Ensuring adherence to Vaulting Process & Policies.
• Auditing Gold as per laid down Policies & Process.
• Valuation of Gold Ornaments

• Provide Feedback to HO Authorities on Credit Process / Policies / Local Market on a regular basis.
• Data Analysis & Sharing of best practices with other location teams

Additional Information
• Graduate 1-4 years of relevant experience in Gold loan Industry.
• Knowledge of Gold Appraisal process
• Imparting Gold Appraisal / Evaluation Training.
• Good interpersonal skills

Tips to crack Interview : 

  • A resume or CV is the first thing that will reach your recruiter/employer (Free Resume Creator) 

  • Your resume should not exceed more than a page.
  • Your resume should mention your skills and projects (most important).
  • Never send resume in docx file.
  • Always send your resume in pdf file format.
  • Your resume should have a clear focus on the job position that you are looking forward to

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